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About Unlimited Possibilities For Children

A Word From Kimberly

UP4C began as I left my corporate healthcare career of 27 years. I saw firsthand how many patients were in need of care, yet stuck in a broken system where the sick and wounded are treated like numbers and the focus is on profits instead of people. I always had a deep knowing the system needed to be changed; I knew deep inside that I was to be a forerunner for this paradigm change and it was to start with children, our next generation.

That’s how Unlimited Possibilities for Children was born, and the journey began. All children in our program will receive integrated health services no matter what economic status they have, because we believe that all children deserve to be healthy, vibrant and disease free!

Unlimited Possibilities For Children Mission

The mission of UP4C is to provide integrative health services to children and family members to empower transformation. Guiding us in our mission are our core directives:

  • To promote the health and prosperity of all children.
  • To integrate conventional, complementary and integrative health services.
  • To integrate evidence-based multi-disciplinary therapies into conventional medicine.
  • To provide research in integrative health to support these services.
  • To operate with accountability and openness.
  • To promote hope and healing.

Support UP4C’s Mission

Your support can make a life changing difference in someone’s story.

Please assist us to extend the ripple effect of UPC’s mission of “hope and healing” and help create the next chapter in our shared story! UP4C is working to inspire change for all of the worlds children. We provide holistic treatment for children including the use of cutting edge medical technology along with nutritional support, education, training on breathing, relaxation exercises and more!

All donations go directly to the families we support to cover the cost of treatment sessions and housing.

My mother just had her 3rd day EnergyGenesis session today. She lives in Topeka Kansas and we drove all the way down to the EnergyGenesis center in Hutchinson for her to try it. She is 75 years old and has been suffering with stress and depression with my fathers illness and death 4 years ago. We are still seeing many improvements in her health and overall demeanor.

Carolyn A.

When I started the holistic approach in 1971 I incorporated music, as it has been known for many centuries to calm the savage beast. Early on I was introduced to Steven Halpern, whose Chakra Suite remains a favorite. His scores of calming and rejuvenating music are among the best. Then along came Iasos, another unique musical healer.

Norman S. M.D., Ph.D.

Very excited to do my last set of 3 sessions this week. I am the first one to tell you that I had no idea what this was all about but I was ready to try anything to help with the joint and muscle pain I have been having for the last eighteen months to two years. With two years of Doctors Appointment after Doctors appointment trying to find relief. Several different tests and medicines soon followed.

Debra G.

I was diagnosed with cancer a little over a year ago and the doctors told me my only option was chemotherapy which is what they tell everyone at hutch hospital. I had heard about a machine that a man by the name of Barry Mcnew had invented. after researching him on YouTube and contacting him he told me he had 1 machine in operation at a friend of his plumbing shop on Whiteside street.


After having my son, I was suffering from what seemed to be the worst depression I could imagine. Not to mention the constant back pain, exhaustion, and lack of confidence that comes along with a c-section and being thrown into parent-hood.

Reina B.

I have had liver cancer. I completed medical treatment and surgery, but another tumor came back in less than a year. I was able to experience the Energy Genesis and when I had the next scan, all the cancer was gone! The scan was clean! The doctors said it must have been a miracle. After undergoing chemo treatments I always felt foggy. After the Energy Genesis, I finally started to feel like myself again. I am so thankful for this amazing invention!


Loving Energy


Let me start by stating that my experience with the Energy Genesis has been nothing short of life changing. I am currently on my second set of sessions and can’t wait for my third! Upon completion of my first set of sessions I had immediate emotional relief and a feeling of clarity, serenity, and awareness I had never experienced before. I also became acutely aware of my own energy, as well as other’s energy around me.

Chris B.

I am a 70 year old retired RN with multiple health problems, currently on oxygen 24/7 and only one kidney; high blood pressure; arthritis and morbid obesity. I have had three months of Energy Genesis treatments, and have experienced the following:

Louise D.

I have known Kim Boucher for many years and both my partner Luis and I have seen her for energy work and for health counseling which has greatly benefited both of us in dramatic ways. I would highly recommend anyone with any kind of health concern to see Kim for making some very positive changes in life style. Kim understands how difficult it is to make changes and works gently with clients to help them to facilitate the changes they wish to make to improve their health. She is compassionate and extremely skilled and through years of study has amassed an arsenal of healing skills unlike anyone I personally know or have heard of.

Louise D.

My sessions with Kim have helped me tremendously. Her guidance, compassion and healing abilities are what empowered me to make changes in my lifestyle and overall well being. Truly a genuine person and I recommend her services to anyone!

Kimberly D.

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UP4C provides integrative health services to children and family members to empower the transformation and inspire change. We do this all in partnership with local communities and organizations that share our mission and vision. Together with you, our donors, volunteers, staff and friends, we can make a difference.

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